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Tonka’s first few days

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Tonka proved to be very different from Katie.  She has a very different personality, but we also did things differently in the light of our experiences with Katie.  Things went a lot more smoothly in many respects, although we did have a few problems too.


We didn’t get Tonka from the same breeder as Katie.  When we collected her, we were told that she had one or two tiny fleas…well it was a bit worse than that.  We were not impressed and poor Tonka was not very comfortable.  The vets was shut and we had two days of scratching.


No problems with food, but we made sure that we got Tonka’s diet sorted.  We were given a puppy pack of sorts, but it didn’t seem that great for a puppy.  We took a risk (as you are supposed to change your pups diet gradually), but we put her straight on to Royal Canin for puppies.  Fortunately we didn’t have any problems and Tonka’s bloated little body started to build up strength.


Tonka was checked over by the vet and was generally found to be fit and healthy.  She was given flea treatment, worming treatment and also ear drops for the ear mights that the fleas had caused.

Our breeder

We did go and visit Tonka’s breeder.  All was well on our visit.  We spent ages with her and all the pups and we saw both Tonka’s mum and dad.  The pups were all well socialised and used to a family home, and they were wormed and vet checked. All seemed very well indeed. She was helpful and got pretty much everything right apart from the fleas, which appeared after our visit and before our collection.


No problems here, we put her in her crate at the side of the bed.  Not a peep out of her all night.  I suspect that Tonka would have been fine in the kitchen downstairs.  However, she still sleeps in her crate at the bottom of the bed.

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