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Leeds 24th July 2009

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I had a lovely time last night; I stopped with Flaxen (my best friend…she’s a golden retriever and lives with Ness’s Dad).  Before I knew what was happening this morning though I was bundled in to the car and I arrived here.  Ness was jumping about saying she needed the toilet and that it was a long walk in.  Well I needed a good sniff, guess what, I got what I wanted first.  When we got into the show we met Brenda.  Good news for Ness, because she put me in my benching much quicker because we found out where we were going.  I’m guessing she got to the toilet on time.  When Ness got back I was put on a grooming table and then I had a bandage put round my middle.  I like the bandage, but we got lots of strange looks.  The bandage makes me feel calm and happy and as though I’m being cuddled.  Ness took me round the show, I’m still a bit unsure about plastic bags, but after barking at them a bit Ness encouraged me to have a closer look.  They don’t really do anything, I think they might be OK.  Ness disappeared for a bit, something about having to help Dawn.  She came back very excited as did Dawn.  Ness had to go in the ring with Henry and he won the ticket!  He is a good looking boy though, so it didn’t surprise me.  After some time it was my turn in the ring.  I had a great time, we were next to the Bedlington terriers, they look like funny sheep, I thought I’d tell them that and had a good bark at them…the only problem was that I was supposed to be walking at the time…whoops; oh well I told them!


Windsor – 4th July 2009

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Wow, look at the view!  Windsor Castle, fantastic.  Ness put my T touch body wrap on and we were ready to go.  I wasn’t happy about going through the tents to get to the benches but I made it.  It’s noisy and smells funny.  Ness had to explain to everyone what the bandage was about, and how that and massage should help me feel more confident.  As the day went on it got hotter and hotter.  At first the classes were out in the sun but by the time it got to my go we had moved into the shade of the tent.  The judge said that I had very strong legs, I wasn’t sure about her feeling my legs, but she was very nice and reassured me that it was going to be fine, and it was.  Then it was time for skipping about for liver cake and then it was all over.  Back to the car and lovely air con and the drive home to Tony and sticks and mud and messing around.


Southern Cairn Terrier Club – 27th June 2009

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Well Ness had problems finding the venue.  She asked some people at a bus stop and they said they didn’t know where it was, they were about 200 meters away from the place!  Fortunately Ness spotted a big Royal Canin banner and then managed to work out how to get into the car park.  For me it was a hot day, but I had fun.  Me and Ness played outside with a stick and then she  gave me liver cake, which Rosemary gave us.  I really like liver cake (never had it before) and so I skipped about to try and get it.  This apparently looked good and impressed the judge enough for me to be placed above other dogs.

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