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Tonka’s first few days

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Tonka proved to be very different from Katie.  She has a very different personality, but we also did things differently in the light of our experiences with Katie.  Things went a lot more smoothly in many respects, although we did have a few problems too.


We didn’t get Tonka from the same breeder as Katie.  When we collected her, we were told that she had one or two tiny fleas…well it was a bit worse than that.  We were not impressed and poor Tonka was not very comfortable.  The vets was shut and we had two days of scratching.


No problems with food, but we made sure that we got Tonka’s diet sorted.  We were given a puppy pack of sorts, but it didn’t seem that great for a puppy.  We took a risk (as you are supposed to change your pups diet gradually), but we put her straight on to Royal Canin for puppies.  Fortunately we didn’t have any problems and Tonka’s bloated little body started to build up strength.


Tonka was checked over by the vet and was generally found to be fit and healthy.  She was given flea treatment, worming treatment and also ear drops for the ear mights that the fleas had caused.

Our breeder

We did go and visit Tonka’s breeder.  All was well on our visit.  We spent ages with her and all the pups and we saw both Tonka’s mum and dad.  The pups were all well socialised and used to a family home, and they were wormed and vet checked. All seemed very well indeed. She was helpful and got pretty much everything right apart from the fleas, which appeared after our visit and before our collection.


No problems here, we put her in her crate at the side of the bed.  Not a peep out of her all night.  I suspect that Tonka would have been fine in the kitchen downstairs.  However, she still sleeps in her crate at the bottom of the bed.

First steps…

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It’s a big wide world out there…

There’s the vets for a health check and jabs, all went well.

Then there’s the front room and eventually the garden.

Wow, look at all this green stuff

Wow, look at all this green stuff

I know I'm tiny, but I can manage all of this chew you know.

I know I'm tiny, but I can manage all of this chew you know.

Our first night

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It has to be said that it was very exciting getting Katie home, but it was also hard work for all of us.  For her everything was so big and there was a lot of space.  She wasn’t with her litter anymore and everything seemed very scary for her.  We kept her in one room (the kitchen) and stayed with her pretty much all of the time.

She wouldn’t eat and I phoned our breeder for advice.  She was very helpful.

When it came to bed time, we left her down in the kitchen and she cried pretty much all night.  It was just awful. We had been told to stick with it though and to set the routine as we wanted it.

When I came down the next morning there was a lot of mess to clear up.

This went on for the next three nights.  It was fair to say that Katie was not giving up and Tony and I needed sleep.  In the end (about 2 a.m) Tony got up, got the fabric crate that we had and put it in our bedroom.  He then got Katie and she came up with us.   She still cried.  So we put the crate at my side of the bed I put my hand in it and for the first time we got peace and quiet.  Katie cuddled up to my hand and finally went to sleep.

We spent the next few months moving the crate inch by inch further and further away from us.  In the end (still in the crate) we managed to move her to the bedroom next door.


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Katie was our first cairn terrier.

When we made the decision to have a dog I thought I wanted labrador.  (My first ever dog was a labrador called Bess.  She was lovely and I have a lot of happy memories of her.)  However, Tony, was the sensible one (as ever) pointing out that our garden wasn’t big enough and they need a lot of exercise.  Friends and family also pointed out that labradors are big and moult and  smell terrible when they get wet (something they like doing a lot).

My step mum suggested a cairn terrier.  I hadn’t really heard of them and I’d never have thought of getting a terrier.

We did quite a lot of research (including visiting the breed stand at Crufts and watching them being shown)and decided that actually it would be a suitable breed.

We got in touch with the Midland Cairn Terrier Club puppy liaison officer and were put in touch with a breeder called Judy Barnsley.

We went to visit the pups a couple of times and then we were united with our Katie.

Am I coming home with you?

Katie...5 weeks of age!


Midland Cairn Terrier Club (6th December 2008)

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After a short drive from our hotel we arrived.  The car park was full and we had to park on the grass, which was a bit muddy.  I tried to jump in it all, but was promptly stopped.

We were in Maiden bitch.  This is for dogs that haven’t won a first place.  Which is me!

Help! What do we do?

Help! What do we do?

We had to go first when we got into the ring.  We’ve never done this before.  (Even Tony was nervous – look at the camera shake). We managed though and we were awarded one of the most lovely certificates that we have in our collection.

The best part of the day for me was going out to play though.  Tony and Ness found an outdoor pitch, which was fenced off.  We played with the ball for ages.  I hope we go there again.

West Midland Terrier Society (15th November 2008)

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After a lot of waiting about we finally got in the ring…but it was all over so quickly.  There were only two of us there.  The judge’s critique said some lovely things, but our inexperience was mentioned…well, it is only our fourth go in the ring!

Midland Counties Canine Society (26th October 2008)

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First ever champ show!

This was a strange one.  We had to drive quite a long way and then when we got there I had my only little space for my crate.  It was lovely.  However, I got a bit excited and wouldn’t stay still to be groomed!  Ness said something about needing a table.

My friend Archie was there.  He qualified for Crufts.  Apparently this is a really good thing!

I got to play loads with the little ball and with a fur mouse and then it was my turn.  The judge was lovely; although I didn’t understand why everyone laughed when I did a “down” half way through my walk.  Apparently it wasn’t considered too bad, as I’m only a puppy.  Anyway today I beat other dogs, which confused us both.  Apparently I’m going to this Crufts place too.

Are we getting this right?

Are we getting this right?

Birmingham and District Gundog and and Terrier Club (12th October 2008)

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Second ever “proper dog show”

Tony didn’t come with us to this one, so no photo’s, just memories.

We had excellent fun here.  I got to play with one of my favourite toys…a mini Kong squeaky ball.  We had to wait for the border terriers to finish and then it was our turn.  I was in the Junior class, there was Henry, Tara and Archie.  Henry (Inett Tu Winnet) won it!


Tonka’s show reports

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Hi, this bits my page, show reports as written by me!

Hope you enjoy



Cairn Terrier Fun Day 2008

First ever show!

Ready steady go!
Ready steady go!

Had great fun here.  Started off chasing lots of pups, who were chasing a fluffy squeaky thing on a winch.  Tony called this the wacky races.  We didn’t win… apparently some people were cheating!

Wait for me!
Wait for me!

Then it was off to the puppy class.  I tried really hard and did my very best sit.  Ness and I soon learnt that this isn’t what you do at a show.  Fortunately we had done stands at puppy training, so when the judge asked I stood up.  We walked around the ring and Ness got a big red rosette.  I got some yummy homemade biscuits.

Did we do well?

Did we do well?

Midland Cairn Terrier Club Open Show – August 2008

First proper dog show!

Do I look lovely?  I'm ever so nervous

Do I look lovely? I'm ever so nervous

Ness and I didn’t know what to do, even though we’d been to ring craft for a few weeks.

Fortunately Dawn had told us what to expect and Brenda took us into the ring with the words “just follow me.”

I walked ever so nicely next to Ness, looking adoringly at her.

Then came the table… Seemed to go OK.  It’s a bit funny standing on it, but at least I get treats.

Then it was a quick triangle and up and down, we knew what to do for that bit.

Then finally the judge walked up and down as we all lined up.  Ness had been warned to keep me moving and that’s what we did.  I tried ever so hard to keep my tail up, but it was hard work.

Come on, make up your mind, I'm getting tired!

Come on, make up your mind, I'm getting tired!

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