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Southern Counties- 6th June 2009

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Oh my goodness, what an earth did she think she was doing bringing us here! I’m not kidding, it’s raining and windy, there are great big white things (someone said tents) blowing about and there are lots of other things (I think there’re called flags) blowing as well.  Not to mention the black bin bags.  We are all inside this big tent, the noise is huge and there is grass everywhere.  This is not the type of show I’m used to.  Ness puts me in my crate, I don’t plan on coming out.  Well I didn’t get my own way.  I did get lots of cuddles though and then I had to go in the ring.  The grass smelt odd and the tent sides kept blowing.  I’ve been caught on camera now…whoops, I was trying to escape…

Look at the background, there's Ness's bottom and me trying to leg it out of the ring!

Look at the background, there's Ness, with me trying to leg it out of the ring!


Banbury and District Canine Association – 4th May 2009

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Well we arrived after having a lovely weekend away in the Peak District with friends from the badminton club.  I’d had a great time and was tired.  I don’t know what happened though because time seemed to fly and we were in the ring before I knew it.  There were seven entries in our class, so we weren’t expecting to get placed…but we did! We got first! Then before we knew it we were awarded Best of Breed.  We didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  Ness took me home for a bit and then we came back for Best in Show, there was no group.  It took ages and there were lots of dogs.  As we lined up I tried to get back in my crate, well, I wanted the rest.  I can’t believe how quiet it was at the end, Ness hardly dared speak, but I could just about hear her.  Anyway we did our stuff and it was good practice for us.


National Terrier – 4th April 2009

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This, is so I’m told one of the most important shows that there is…if you are a terrier.  To get me excited for the ring Tony decided to pretend he was playing with a stick, I started barking and then Ness started to get excited at Tony.  Did she feel left out?  Ring time, there were lots of us.  The judge went over us and we all lined up.  Ness was having a few problems, the dog next to us wanted to play.

When we had done, we left the ring and then went straight back in again…what’s that all about?  Actually I don’t care, I got to stand in the corner, but I hadn’t been naughty, I couldn’t have been, because I was being fed my favorite sausages.  After this I had a little walk and then had to stand in front of the judges table while she made some notes on me.  The dog next to me had it’s photo taken, but they seemed to miss me out.  Oh well, fame may come later.

Whoops, there's the winner, but you missed me out!

Whoops, there's the winner, but you missed me out!

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