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Katie was our first cairn terrier.

When we made the decision to have a dog I thought I wanted labrador.  (My first ever dog was a labrador called Bess.  She was lovely and I have a lot of happy memories of her.)  However, Tony, was the sensible one (as ever) pointing out that our garden wasn’t big enough and they need a lot of exercise.  Friends and family also pointed out that labradors are big and moult and  smell terrible when they get wet (something they like doing a lot).

My step mum suggested a cairn terrier.  I hadn’t really heard of them and I’d never have thought of getting a terrier.

We did quite a lot of research (including visiting the breed stand at Crufts and watching them being shown)and decided that actually it would be a suitable breed.

We got in touch with the Midland Cairn Terrier Club puppy liaison officer and were put in touch with a breeder called Judy Barnsley.

We went to visit the pups a couple of times and then we were united with our Katie.

Am I coming home with you?

Katie...5 weeks of age!

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