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Henley-on-Thames Canine Society (25th January 2009)

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This was a very busy show.  I was in a different room from where all the judging was taking place, which was nice, as by the ringside there was no room to move.  We waited around for ages, then Ness battled her way through the crowds with me.  Then she cleared off!  She left me with some nice people who also had cairns and came back with my crate.  We squeezed into a corner.  Then it was off outside to play ball and then before I knew it we were in the ring.  The judge made me work ever so hard, but I showed myself off (apparently moving well in profile).  We came out the ring, waited around for a couple more classes and then we were back in again.  Ness made a mistake in my handling, the judge swapped sides and she hadn’t noticed; can you believe it she nearly walked between me and the judge.  At least she realised what she had done.

Today I got my first, first!  I like the colour red.

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